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The East Second Street Christian Church was organized by Thomas Phillips. The first worship service was held in April of 1851
in an old carriage factory, purchased by Brother Phillips, with the help of his former master, John Brand. Thirty-five male
members were recorded on the church roll. Brother Phillips served the congregation faithfully until his death around 1859.

In 1874, the old carriage factory was torn down and a church building was erected in its place. This building stands today on
West Fourth Street, between Limestone and Upper, with the inscription “…the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch.”

During the period 1874–1880, the congregation continued to grow to over three hundred members. On August 10, 1880, the
present worship center on Constitution Street was purchased for $5,000. The building was partially destroyed by fire in
November 1880, and was unoccupied for more than 20 years. In 1915 many members left the congregation and founded the
Prall Street Christian Church, which is now the Prall Street Church of Christ.

In 1952 the Rev. O.B. Garner became the shepherd of the flock and served 37 years as pastor. The congregation entered a
new era in the 90’s under the leadership of Rev. Raymond L. Brown, broadening the scope of community involvement and
ecumenical relationships.

The building was again partially destroyed by fire in November 1996. The congregation held worship services for more that a
year at the Lexington Theological Seminary. Many churches made their buildings available for the congregation's use during
this time.

The congregation returned to a newly renovated building in March of 1998 under the interim pastorate of Rev. Dr. William
Edwards. Rev. Dr. Ozark Range, Sr., Interim Pastor 1998-1999, assisted in preparing the congregation for spiritual growth
under new leadership. As the congregation enters the new millennium, with the installation of its 20th Pastor, Rev. Dr.
Donald K. Gillett, II, it continues to serve the community of Lexington, with the assurance that God never fails, and will
provide for every need
Church History
Sunday School 9-950
Worship 10 am
Lexington African Church
Worship 3:30 pm
August  11    Youth Day. Sister
Kayla Ward Preaching.

August 18   Annual Church
Bar-B-Que at future home of East
Second Street Christian Church -
outdoor service in tent with food,
games to follow.

Faithful Sermon Series beginning
July 28 - come and join us.

Men's breakfast
August 3